Responsibilities of owning a solar power system



Technical, operational and maintenance requirements of your solar PV system

Ensuring the solar PV system remains compliant with the Technical and Operations requirements detailed in the Energex connection of micro embedded generator model standing offer.    Ensuring the solar PV system is inspected and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Where there are no manufacturer’s recommendations, inspection and condition-based maintenance shall be performed by a qualified person. See full guidelines    Download


As the owner of an embedded generating system you have obligations, under Victoria’s Electricity Distribution Code: See full details   

1. Ensure the system can operate continuously and uninterrupted at the required system frequency of 50Hz (or within allowable variations).
2. Identify that your solar PV system is connected to the SP AusNet network, complies with Victoria’s Electricity Distribution Code, the Electricity Safety Act 1998 as well as any other Australian Standards.
3. The solar PV system must be maintained in a safe condition.
4. If you feel that your system is not operating properly or if you any concerns contact the person or company that installed your solar PV system.